Before You Sign on to TeledataICT

Teledata ICT is the most unethical internet service provider I have dealt with ever. They promise you 10 day money back guarantee. Don’t be fooled. They will make sure your service is super fast during the 10 days just to get you onboard. They will give you installation cost based on the type of router. If you are not careful you will think the installation items are for you. Not true. They still own it.  In terms of service forget it. Their system is perpetually unstable. They will tell you speed is up to 10 Mbps.  You will be lucky to have 100 Kbps . When you complain they will tell you the speed is up to not the minimum.  So they entice you with so much but deliver very little.  For their call center it could take you 3 days to get through to them. Meanwhile they promise to deliver something like 99% uptime but never deliver and provide no compensation on the excuse that you did not ask

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